Sunday, June 17, 2007

A-Muse Design Challenge #7:Sparkle (one final one)

Thought I'd whip out one final entry with my new stamp (thanks to my sister!). I love the summer... correction, I love to grill which mostly occurs in the summertime in Chicago. So, my sister thought I really *had* to have this A Muse grill to go with my Chef Sprinkle (by Cat's Pajamas) and "This cat's cookin' " (Also, Cat's Pajamas). I think she was right... they go together like summer and grilling, like bratwurst and saurkraut, like... oh, you get the idea! :)

Here, I used paper by Frances Meyer for the background. The hat is colored with a souffle pen to give it the raised, opaque look. The hotdog (look close at Sprinkle's tale!) is with a glaze pen.

Finally, to make it challenge-worthy this week, the grill is coated in Mica D'Lights tiger eye. Overall, I'm happy with the effect but now will have to play with my new toy! :)

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