Friday, June 8, 2007

A-Muse Design Challenge #6: Heat It Up

Well, this is an easy "challenge": images just need to be embossed and since I emboss almost everything, not so challenging.

This first one was one I didn't get to finish for the scenes challenge. All the images are A Muse-- gondola, bridge, brownstone. This is the first time I masked the gondolier so that he can appear closer to the bridge and in front of it. All the images are embossed with clear except the "here comes the sun" sentiment (by Rosie's Roadshow) which is in detail bronze. I always like the way the corner punch frames it.

I'm still playing with chalks trying to get sky and water to look different. And, I was too cheap to by the wave stamp (*sigh*) so those are just drawn in. Ah, if I could buy all the stamps on my list, I think it was another $250. hehehe.

I was inspired by this photo that I took last year July in Venice. There are hundreds of gorgeous houses along the Grand Canal... that was were the monied built their mansions and the "fronts" faced the canal. To say nothing of the tidy little estates along the feeder canals. Ah, Venice.

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