Friday, June 22, 2007

Challenge 8: Wacky Holiday #4 (Responsibility is overrated day!)

For my 4th entry this week, I declare today, "Responsibility is overrated day!" Won't we all love to throw the bills out the window, not think about insurance, ignore the mortgage thoughts, hop in a convertible, and CRUISE! Okay, maybe that's just my day!

Here, I stamped Cruisin' (an A Muse stamp I ADORE), then masked it to stamp the brownstone (A Muse) 4 times to create a block feel. I colored each a bit differently, in an attempt to hide the sameness of this block. : ) I used a bit of glitter on the windows to get some shine though didn't show up well in the photo. Also, I'm still playing with chalks to create some color on street and sky.

So, ignore the emissions test; forget about unemployment; who cares about figuring out mortgage rates! Relax, it's your day! And, remember, responsibility is overrated!

1 comment:

Kristina Lewis said...

I will celebrate this day with you!!