Friday, June 22, 2007

Challenge 8: Wacky Holiday #3 (Gardening Month!)

Is there an official National Gardening Month? If not, there should be and it should be now! Outside of stamping, gardening is a hobby I really enjoy that has been passed down from my maternal great-grandmother, my Grandma, my mom, and me! The whole bunch: Gardeners! Here's my Garden Month card! I used the Gardening Tools stamp, topped off with Creative Candies micro-dots (also A-Muse) and LOVE it hung like a picture against the pots paper. I will have a hard time giving this one away.

I thought I'd also paste a picture of my own backyard garden. Hehehee... just kidding. I took this last year at Versailles, one of the premiere gardens of the world. My own endeavors are much more modest in scale.

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